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Acne Tips

Acne Tips!

Here are a couple of tips to help you control your acne.

1. Moisturize

  • Being outside exposed to the elements can dry your skin.
  • Moisturizing will not cause more acne.  When your skin is dry your body wants to produce more oil which leads to acne.

2. Avoid irritating the skin.

  • Do not over wash or use harsh scrubs.

3. Don’t pick at your acne.

  • This can cause scarring or make acne worst.

4. Make-up.

  • Use water-based make-up.  Try to avoid oil based and alcohol based make-ups.
  • Don’t share make-up with your friends because this can spread bacteria.
  • Wash your face at bedtime.  Your facial skin needs to breath.

5. See your local esthetician for an acne peel and/or acne facial.

My Favorite in San Diego Amy Midland at:

Beauty Defined
616 Stevens Ave Suite N
Solana Beach, CA 92075
Don’t forget to use the Clarifying Regimen by GRAM Skincare
Remember to CLEANSE, TONER, and MOISTURIZE to keep your acne under control.

      Medications and your Skin!

      Vitamins and Medications that can Change the way your Skin Looks.

      There are many OTC, Prescription and Vitamins that can dry your skin, discolor, and make your skin more sensitive to the sun.  Here are a few medications and tips to help you keep your skin young and healthy.

      Thyroid medication and high doses of Vitamin A can dry your skin which can lead to increase to oil production, fine lines and wrinkles.

      Aspirin, penicillin, and Sulfa drug like Macrobid and Bactrim can cause rashes and hives.

      Cortisone, birth controls, and anti-epilepsy medications can increase your oil production which leads to that dreaded acne that everyone loves…NOT.

      If you are taking sulfa drugs, high blood pressure, birth control, or tetracycline make sure you wear SPF!  Your skin becomes more sensitive to the sun and you increase your risk of burning.

      Even though these are possible side effects of some of these medications never discontinue your medications without first consulting your pharmacist or physician.

      Inflammation in the skin can lead to increase in oil production, drying, and discoloration of the skin.  GRAM Skincare decreases inflammation which helps control all the issues listed above from the medications and general stress of daily living.

      Pore size reducing ingredients in SKIN1 by Dr Gram clarifying regimen

      SKIN1 by Dr Gram clarifying regimen can improve the appearance of pore size due to its anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, soothing and regenerative effect. They purifies and “absorbs” excess oil secretion and makes the pores look smaller.

      The key ingredients that reduce pore size are

      1. Camphor in SKIN1TM by Dr Gram clarifying mask gently draws out impurities from below the surface, absorbs excess oils helping diminish the appearance of large pores and revitalize skin’s appearance.

      2. Witch Hazel in SKIN1TM by Dr Gram clarifying toner reduces pore size by tightening the pore tubule and makes the skin appear smoother.

      3. Salicylic acid which is in the entire SKIN1TM by Dr Gram clarifying regimen is a beta hydroxy acid that is oil soluble and is able to seep into the sebum packed pore and exfoliate the dead skin cells that build up inside of the pore. Thus by exfoliating the pore and cleaning out the impurities the pore is not stretched and will shrink back to its normal size.