GRAM™ Skincare is committed to being an environmentally conscious company. We are in the practice of making eco-friendly decisions when choosing the ingredients for the products, materials and making policies within the work environment. These decisions are making a difference to reduce our impact upon the earth.

Printing, Manufacturing and Product Development

All of our paper brochures, pamphlets, and marketing materials are made from recycled or recyclable materials. All of our product ingredients are natural, organic or pharmaceutical grade. We do not use any synthetic or chemically altered ingredients. We conduct absolutely no animal testing nor do we choose any partners that engage in animal testing.


We strive to package GRAM™ Skincare products from recycled and recyclable materials. We re-use shipping materials from our incoming orders.

Energy Consumption

We use companies that engage in clean energy production such as wind power. We use energy efficient light bulbs in all of our office spaces. No unnecessary lights are left on at night. We are continuously striving to improve our health, safety and environmental performance.

Waste Management

We have made a commitment to use our local blue box program to recycle all recyclables that we generate in the course of doing business.
  • Paper is recycled
  • Cans and bottles discarded in our lunch room are collected and recycled
  • All used computer equipment is disposed of accordingly for metals and plastic (ABS) recycling.
  • All empty photocopier and printer cartridges are returned to our suppliers for refilling.


We are committed to starting with source reduction by decreasing the amount of materials and energy used in the course of daily business. All waste products are handled according to our strict recycling guidelines. We continually monitor and promote environmentally responsible practices.