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Part 1 of the Men’s Facial Regimen

The Man’s facial regimen…3 parts

Part 1

First impressions are important and your face is front and center.  This is where people make their initial assumptions about what kind of a person you are. I will give a 3 part Men’s Regimen that will help keep your skin looking hot.  Part 1 will be how to wash your face.  Part 2 Shaving and Part 3 Moisturizing!

Facial Cleansers for a Man

It does not matter it you work construction or in an office cleansing your face is the first step to healthier, younger looking skin.

Using a mild cleanser can take care of this step. There are many types of facial scrubs that “deep clean” by cleaning our pores and exfoliating the dead skin that leaves your face dull. A good facial cleaner is mild yet removes dirt without removing moisture.  Step 1 choose the type of cleanser or scrub for your skin.  Dampen face with warm water gentle massage the cleanser or scrub in using fingers or facial sponge.  Rinse using cool water and pat dry.  This step in the cleansing regimen should take about 1-2 minutes.  Follow me on Facebook for Part 2.