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Skin Recommendations for Skin Discoloration

Skin discoloration can be frustrating, especially for certain ethnicities who are genetically predisposed to have pigmentation issues, particularly African American skin.  This common issue can also be caused by other conditions such as:

  • Insect bites
  • Acne scarring
  • Shave bumps
  • Pregnancy
  • Birth Control
  • Dry skin which leads to chapping
  • Oily skin which leads to clogged pores

Since skin discoloration can be caused by any combination of the above elements, Dr. Gram suggests employing the following treatments and products to ensure brightness and uniformity of skin tone.

  1. Scrubs: Scrubs remove unwanted dead skin cells and stimulate your body to produce new, healthy looking skin. Since your body is producing new cells, scrubs help to even the tone of your skin. Product Recommendation: GRAM Skincare Daily Scrub ( /products/daily-regimen/daily-scrub )
  2. Skin Lighteners: Using a proper lightener is important. Do your research and learn what the product is intended to do. Some fade the dark spots, while others work by controlling melanin production. I recommend using products that control the melanin production rather than fading spots. I also recommend staying away from Hydroquinone products because there are potential side effects, especially in Asian skin. My patented Nutra-Vit Complex, which is found in every GRAM Skincare product, includes Niacinamide, Glucosamine and Vitamin E. These three ingredients have many functions but one is to control skin tone by inhibiting the tyrosinase enzyme from activating the melanocytes which secret melanin and lead to discoloration. Product Recommendation: GRAM SKincare Daily Moisturizer (/products/daily-regimen/daily-moisturizer )
  3. Acids: Alpha Hydroxy Acids should be used by a professional only. I am a firm believer in regularly visiting an esthetician to receive a chemical peel or glycolic acid facial. I would not suggest using glycolic acid washes at home because improper use can dry, damage and destroy your skin. Beta Hydroxy Acids are similar to salycylic acid and are safe to use at home on a daily basis. Product Recommendation: GRAM Skincare’s Clarifying Regimen which uses salicylic acid as a mild exfoliator to brighten and even skin tone. It is not just for acne prone skin. (/products/acne-regimen )
  4. Micro-Dermabrasion: Micro-dermabrasion is like a gentle sandblast of your face. Sounds scary, right? It is actually painless and can provide immediate gratification. I always recommend seeing your esthetician to see if this treatment is right for you and I do not recommend the home micro-dermabrasion kits. These often do more harm than good.

Overall, the combination of good skin care products and professional peels and services, will help to fade skin discoloration and prevent further damage when part of a consistent routine. Read the labels on your skin care products and always consult your esthetician to avoid causing further damage by using harsh chemicals in the wrong way.

GRAM™ Skincare Relaunches to Save More Faces: The Gentleman of Whom You Know Recommend the Dr. Gram Shave Cream

Below is the Gentleman of Whom You Know’s article about GRAM™ Men’s Shave!

This emollient-rich shave cream provides the perfect combination to deliver a close, comfortable shave you desire.  Wheat Germ, Grape Seed Oil, Aloe and Salicylic Acid blend harmoniously to prevent irritation and promote healthy, conditioned skin. Ideal for daily use, GRAM™ Men’s Shave is comforting to even the most sensitive skin.  The small size makes it ideal for travel.

The stats:

• Essential oils soften the beard in preparation for shaving.
• Fruit Stem Cell Technology
• Exclusive Nutra-Vît Complex™
• Paraben Free
• No pre-shave prep required: essential oil beard preparation and shave cream all-in-one
• Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The gentlemen of Whom You Know put this to the test, and they say:

I am now at day four of using GRAM’s men’s shave cream and I have to say this stuff rocks.  It’s spreads out much more densely than normal shaving creams, so you don’t use nearly as much for an optimal shave.  I have soft skin, that easily gets irritable with any lack of cream or an even slightly dull razor, but this cream makes life much easier.  I only use and need about a quarter of the cream I normally would with standard cream, it spreads thin and works perfectly.  Some of the ingredients in the cream are very unique, like grape seed oil & wheat germ which clearly make your skin far less irritable with every shave during and after.  The cream is soothing and the fragrance is extremely unique and addicting.  I highly recommend picking up a 2 oz tube to try and experience the GRAM way, it’s something that every guy who has to shave at least a few times a week needs to experience.  Great work GRAM!!!

I simply want to say that I love this shaving cream. Dr Gram has the best men’s shaving cream on the market. It’s amazing how it cushions your skin and really prevents your face from getting nicks and cuts. My face comes out smooth clean and so soft.  It’s very light and doesn’t clog up my razor. If you want a smooth clean shave then you have the best product out there.

I am the type of guy that sticks to one shave cream when I find one that I like, but since joining the skin care panel for Whom You Know, I’ve had the opportunity to sample more than my share of shave creams that I would never had tried before.  Some were good, a few were great, and then there are the ones that ended up in the trash can.  See, I have sensitive skin prone to irritation and bumps, so I am picky about my shave cream.  Having tried Grams Men’s Shave Cream, it’s safe to say this shave cream is GREAT.   I followed the instructions, (as I always do), dampening my face with warm water, lathering up, and rinsing the blade often.  No bumps or irritation, and my face was smoother than ever before.  And a smooth face makes for a happy wife. Gram Shave cream is definitely a keeper.

About GRAM Skincare
The professional apothecary line was launched in 2008 by compounding pharmacist, Dr. Bernard Gramlich. The highly effective yet gentle unisex formulas focus on the treatment of chronic skin inflammation by harnessing the power of unique, certified natural, organic and pharmaceutical grade ingredients. Products are free of parabens, sulfates and benzoyl peroxide.

Source: Whom You Know