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SKIN1 by Dr. Gram Name Change!!

SKIN1 by Dr. Gram Name Change!!
Thank you to all of our customers and friends inquiring about our new name, GRAM Skincare and the reasons for the change.  To clarify my previous entry on March 14, 2010 about the change, let me set the record straight.  We are very proud of our incredible line under the name SKIN1 by Dr. Gram.  Years of research and countless hours of testing went into SKIN1 by Dr. Gram.  To that end, we believe it is our duty to always create the best and most innovative products for our customers.  Therefore, we have recently enhanced our existing line, which you will love, with additional ingredients and will be adding several exciting new products.  This simply makes our great products even better.
It is our opinion that the name GRAM Skincare best describes the direction that our company is on.  Our dedication is endless.  Our products are superb.  Our customers are most important.  Thus, we believe that the former name may have limited our expansive goals.
Again, please keep your eyes and ears open for sales of existing inventory of SKIN1 by Dr. Gram and stay tuned, in the very near future for the next level:  GRAM Skincare.
Wishing you great skin always!
Dr. Gram

SKIN1 by Dr Gram Name Change!!!!

So why in the world would we change our name. SKIN1 by Dr Gram is getting confused with a less than superior products and I don’t want people who love Dr Gram and his skincare to get mixed up and purchase skincare that does not meet your skincare expectations. GRAM Skincare is the new name. The products are the same awesome products just a new name. Over the next couple of month we will be slowly phasing out the SKIN1 name and introducing the new GRAM Skincare name. Keep your eyes open for sales on the SKIN1 this is your chance to get killer deals on the best products.