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During the holiday season remember these 4 tips for healthy happy skin…

The holidays are coming up and this is the time that we all slip a little with our eating habits. What some may not realize is that our waistband isn’t the only physical side effect – your skin suffers too. So, what should we look for and limit during the holidays?

Drinking Alcohol—Alcohol dehydrates the skin!  This is a direct cause of fine line and wrinkles. A huge misconception is that drinking tons of water the day after drinking and partying will rehydrate skin. Well I hate to burst your bubble, but sorry, that is simply not the case.

Eating Junk Food—Now there is no scientific proof that eating more green leafy veggies will result in better looking skin, but limiting the amount of simple sugars and greasy food will save the waist line and help you feel better. However, the good news is that small amounts of caffeine and chocolate will help the skin because of the antioxidant benefits they provide.

Lack of Sleep—During the holiday season we tend to stay up later preparing for the next party or spending time with family and friends. Not getting enough sleep limits the body’s ability to release the toxins that are stored up during the day. Sleeping allows the body to cleanse itself of the toxins, therefore sleep is a skin-saving technique.

Late Nights—Partying into the wee hours are fun but at what cost to your skin? You get home late from the party and the five minutes you normally take to cleanse and moisturize your face before bed is typically lost. The problem with not removing the days grime, dirt and makeup is that it can clog pores which leads to irritation and inflammation, which is enemy number one to healthy skin.

So during the holiday season remember these simple tips to keep skin looking healthy so you can look great for the next event you’re going to.

Patte writes a great review on SKIN1 by Dr Gram

Testing 1-2-3SKIN1 by Dr. Gram is next on my to be tried list. It’s touted as the first professional skin care line to focus on fighting inflammation that is also paraben, sulfate and fragrance free.  Research shows that chronic cutaneous inflammation is at the root of all common skin issues from acne to premature aging to even cancer.  SKIN1 by Dr. Gram utilizes the synergies between organic, natural and pharmaceutical grade ingredients to control inflammation. He also uses stem cell technology in his Eye Rescue to be the only skin care company to use the ingredient Rutin that significantly reduces puffiness and dark circles. ( I started using this and I love it.

Well finally tried the  Kiss everlasting French nails. Happy with the results. They went on easier than expected and didn’t even need filing. Really looked professional. Only thing I don’t like is the tips are a little too white. Otherwise so far so good. It’s been two days so I’m hoping they last at least a week.

Review by dBeauty Junkie

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Better Skin Care – - Skin1 by Dr. Gram

I’m in love with this skin care program right now. Skin1 by Dr. Gram is an oily faced girls dream come true.

First up the Clarifying Cleanser, It definitely deep cleanses without giving your face that super shiny tight feeling. It also removes blackheads, and stop more from coming back. Which is awesome since my nose is constantly breaking out with them.

Next we clear off any missed dirt and excess oil using Clarifying Toner, it’s such a pleasant smelling toner. There is no strong smell of alcohol and it moisturizes as it cleans. The toner is made with natural witch hazel (which my father swears by) tones without stripping the skin. Chamomile soothes, and Vitamin E restores and protects skin’s natural moisture barrier. All the good stuff in one bottle.

I also received the Clarifying Mask to try out, but honestly the cleanser and toner work so well there hasn’t been a need to try out. Best believe I’ll update you guys the moment I try it out.

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Spendicity review of Dr Grams Eye rescue

SKIN1 by Dr. Gram Eye Rescue

Skin1 by Dr. Gram’s Eye Rescue is a moisture rich eye cream that is not only hydrating, but will diminish dark circles, puffiness and discoloration. It is the first skin care product

to use Rutin, a powerful antioxidant that stabilizes Vitamin C. Rutin also strengthens collagen elastin and chelates metals from the skin in order to dramatically reduce dark circles and puffiness.

Image: Skin1 by Dr. GramImage: Skin1 by Dr. Gram

By reproducing stem cells from Buckwheat, the most powerful source of Rutin, compounding pharmacist Dr. Bernard Gramlich has created a natural version that does not oxidize. While working as a pharmacist, Dr. Gram began creating skin care products for his wife as well as his pharmacy clients. He created each product using only the highest quality ingredients.

Skin1 by Dr. Gram’s signature ingredient is Nutra-Vit Complex. It utilizes the synergy between niacinamide, glucosamine and two types of Vitamin E in order to fight inflammation and aging, renew DNA, moisturize and balance the skin and slow down discoloration.

There are three main irritants that disrupt the skin barrier causing inflammation: environmental (allergens, UV rays, pollution); hormonal (stress); and physical (using harsh products, medical and cosmetic procedures

, preservatives). Acute inflammation is triggered in order to repair the damaged skin. The body doesn’t know when to stop ‘fixing’ itself and continues to produce pro-inflammatory molecules to ensure that the problem is corrected. This creates chronic inflammation, resulting in breakdown of collagen elastin, increase in oil production and free radicals. Skin1 by Dr. Gram is designed to prevent acute inflammation from becoming chronic.

Apply a small amount of cream from the outer to the inner corner of each eye morning and night.

Skin1 by Dr. Gram Eye Rescue is available at and exclusive salons and spas.

Although priced at $90.00, this luxurious formula really goes a long way. Try it! It really does work. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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The Power of Ingredients and Technology in Skincare

Last week I spoke about the importance of understanding the ingredients in your products and how they can potentially cause problems. This week I will be giving you the inside scoop on the most beneficial ingredients available and why they are so incredible.

So, how can you be sure the ingredients on the label will do what the manufacturer says they will do? At SKIN1, it’s a matter of ethics. I don’t just choose ingredients based on a hot new trend or because they’re the newest marketing buzz. Instead, I look for ingredients of the highest quality (which are pharmaceutical grade) and identify those that work synergistically with each other. If the ingredients don’t work together, all you’ll end up with is a bottle full of worthless creamy stuff.

Here is an overview of 6 key ingredients SKIN1 by Dr Gram uses in all products to help fight the signs of aging and keep the number one enemy to healthy skin under control…inflammation.


ORIGIN: Brewer’s yeast, sunflower seeds, and peanuts

IMPORTANCE: It is Vitamin B3, a water soluble vitamin, and the active form of Niacin without the side effects of flushing and itching. It also fights inflammation in the skin. Inflammation causes the collagen and elastin to breakdown which in turn can cause fine line and wrinkles and acne.


ORIGIN: One of the sources is shellfish. N-acetyl glucosamine, which is a more stable version, is what is used in skincare products.

IMPORTANCE: N-acetyl glucosamine is a substance that inhibits glycosylation of pro-tyrosinase – a key process in melanin overproduction in UV damaged skin which can lead to liver spots and freckles.  It can also help improve skin tone, barrier function and hyperpigmentation.  BONUS: It works synergistically with niacinamide to enhance its anti-aging properties.

Vitamin E

ORIGIN: Avocado, seeds, and wheat germ to mention a few

IMPORTANCE: Alpha-tocopherol is the most used form of vitamin E in skincare. It is a lipid-soluble antioxidant, and it protects the skin cells from oxidation by attacking the free radicals caused by sun damage and pollution to name a couple. When mixed with niacinamide and glucosamine they all work synergistically together to fight inflammation…enemy number one to healthy skin!

Apple Stem Cells

ORIGIN: Rare Swiss Apples

IMPORTANCE: Using stem cell technology in SKIN1 products keeps us on the cutting-edge and gives you the best products with the best ingredients to get the best results!

So what do apple stem cells do? They protect the longevity of skin stem cells and fight the aging of the mature skin cells.

Vitamin C

ORIGIN: Citrus fruits

IMPORTANCE: Super anti-oxidant…fights free radicals 10 times better than regular anti-oxidants.

Green Tea Extract

ORIGIN: Green tea leafs

IMPORTANCE: Green tea has several functions but the most important one is to reduce inflammation…do you see a theme with these ingredients? They all fight inflammation which leads to younger, healthier looking skin by fighting the aging process. Green tea works synergistically with sun screens to help reduce sun damage by decreasing the inflammation, decreasing fine lines and wrinkles, and also has antibacterial activity to help fight acne.

The one key thing that all these ingredients do is fight inflammation.  That is the basis of my apothecary skincare line because inflammation is enemy number one to healthy skin!!!